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Hi All,

I want robot to screenshot 1 page of a website, save picture as Page 1
Then robot click Next, then screenshot page 2 and save name as Page 2 accordingly.
It will happen for Page 3 4 5…

Please help me to save name of picture with variable. For example: Assign i = 1 and robot will automatically save picture as Page"i"+1.

Please kindly guide me. Thanks a lot.

Note: I am using UiPath Studio 2022.10.2 (Not modern module)

Hi @trinhtu.linh,
Welcome to UiPath Community.
Please share the screen of the website and the number of pages is fixed?

It is the internal system website so I cannot share the screen.
Sorry about that.

That’s okay.if you have page no,first scrape them.Then you can use do while loop and inside that use take screenshot activity and click need to pass page number as counter and decrement it.once counter reaches 0,the loop ends.

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