Screenshot is not attached with mail

I am try to attach error screenshot with my mail but here take screenshot but it’s not attached.please help me out.

are you passing attachments into send outlook mail activity?


Im using invoke send mail and I already attached argument of that. @jack.chan

can you upload damen_sendmail.xaml here?

This is reusable workflow

in send outlook email message properties, is in_AttachmentList under attachmentsCollection?

I am using ReFramework and this sendmail workflow used everywhere in my project and passing argument from config i cannot put there attachment

just make sure attachmentsCollection = in_Attachmentlist

Not helpful


click open the workflow and click sebd outlook mail message, you’ll see the properties on the right side


Hi @prashant1603765 ,

In case, at a point in the workflow we do not have to send an Attachment with the mail, we can pass Nothing as the parameter value for in_attachmentList.

It’s already there

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It’s taking screenshot but not attaching in mail.send mail is working but attachment is not there.

@prashant1603765 ,

Can you use a Write Line Activity inside the Mail Workflow to Check there is an attachment being passed ? You can pass the value like below :