Screenshot in Disconnected Mode



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I am trying run robot in Disconnected Mode using Interactive Session. Robot is unable to take the screenshot of a image using selector. This is working perfectly fine in connected mode.
But in disconnected Mode, “object reference not set to an instance of an object” issue is occurring. Can you please provide a solution


what is disconnected and connected mode?


It only works under the lock screen if you start the robot from Orchestrator.
For RDP use case check the Desktop Disconnected issue.


Disconnected Mode: bot running in Interactive Session.
Connected Mode: Bot running in regular session.


I am not facing any problem in running the bot…
Robot is able to do most of the steps in interactive session but it is getting stuck on the screenshot activity.
I am providing selector to the screenshot activity


Are the steps performed via background automation?


and also, how are you running the workflow: studio, tray, orchestrator?


Yes, via background automation … I am using activities which work fine in interactive session… like click activity with send window message checked,get text,set text etc


Task Scheduler


Did anything ever come of this?
We are trying to figure out how to get a screenshot when there is an error (running in unattended mode on a VDI) to assist with troubleshooting. But we cannot get a screenshot.

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