Screenshot google search with conditions


Can you please suggest to me how to create an automation which

  1. copy info specific fields from the internal platform
  2. go to google, search and screenshot the results (up to 3 pages)
  3. paste screenshot images in google sheet

The condition is that I screenshot up to 3 pages of results per search but some searches may have only 1 page

I’m very new to Ui Path, please help suggest what commands should and what activities should I use in this workflow. Thank you so much.

Dear Stu,

Use App/Browser UI activities and perform the Search activity.
Inside it :
Use a counter initialize it to 1
Use a Do While loop

  • Check if results found
  • Keep TakeScreenshot Activity inside it
  • Increment the Counter
  • Get the Page Number Selector
  • And Make it dynamic and pass this (counter ) variable to the selector to identify Page 2,3
  • Use above selector and Pass it to Element Exists activity
  • If Exists, pass selector to Click activity
    In the Do While Condition check counter < 4

Geetishree Rao

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Dear Stu,
If this helps you could you mark this as the solution to help others as well in the forum.

Geetishree Rao

Thank you @geetishree.rao, I will try to follow the steps you provided. If I get stuck may I seek your help again?


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