Screenscrapping winform and write into excel

I need to capture data (field and field values) of Winform (standalone windows based application) and write into excel form. Can anyone guide the flow to handle this kind of task.
Thanks in advance…

Did data scrapping method works on it
Kindly try with that method
We got that option in the Design tab of studio
Cheers @cschevuri

Hi @cschevuri

Is it this form?

If so, you could export it to a text file from the app itself with a few simulated clicks:

You could then process the data from text file to Excel with some string processing.

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Hi friend, i tried Data Scraping, got the below message:
This control does not support data extraction.
Tried screen scrapping, it captured entire data, i verified with writeline, so what to do next, like how to map these raw values into excel.

Sorry, i did not get you, could you please elaborate more .
Thank you.