Screen size issue working with OCR

How do you guys deal with using OCR on machines with different screen sizes?
The problem lies when Ui Path project with OCR is being created using one computer with a certain screen dimensions and when that program is deployed in a different machine with a different screen size. All of the time OCR stops working and throws error.
To my understanding, Anchor with OCR uses relative measurements, that are appropriate to one screen size.
When the same program is used on a machine with different screen size, it can’t really correctly use anchor, because lengths and heights have changes.
Do you have any idea how should I combat the problem (changing resolution beforehand, adjust anchor based on screen size)?


What if you created a set of images for each resolution that may be used and it performs OCR using different image when it fails or something along those lines? This is something I’ve thought about but haven’t found a need to program it with our current environment.

We only really run our jobs on a dedicated virtual server and kick off the ones with issues using “Launch Workflow Interactive” where I can set its resolution. Therefore, only problems are when you try to run it from your laptop display which is defaulted to lower resolution.

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Never thought about using different images for each resolution. Thank you very much, I think it’s the most optimal solution of them all.

Hi @VytasM,

This is some thing that happens to me as well.

Reason : It records the Coordinate Value from all 4 sides Top , Bottom ,Left and Right

The best way I have figured out to tackle this is to send Hotkeys Combination , especially “tab” key or other key combination.

Also, When u use Click Image activity when u specify the area, you will see 3 horizontal lines stacked under each other.

I select the Option " Specify Scope " and set the scope to current active window within Citrix.

So, in such situation even if the screen resolution changes, the scope of the Image Activity will be set to
the boundary of the window that you need to perform action on.

I know if you do this , it wud solve just 70% of ur problem

Cheers Mate :slight_smile: