Screen scrapping from a webpage & Store in a specific cell in a specific excel file

Hi, friends hope all are safe and well.

Need support - I am at a beginner level.

I wanted to scrap a single value from a web page and then store it in a specific cell in a specific excel file as a number.

The objective is to store 3 different values from 3 web pages of the same website in excel and do some calculations based on them and later pull out certain values and display in the message box as output.

Thank you in advance.


Use Get Text activity to read the text from web application and it will give output as String value.

Use Write Cell activity and pass above scraped text value and also pass cell number in which you wanted to write scraped text.

Many thanks @lakshman for your advice.

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@lakshman, your advice is working perfectly fine. I have some formulas in other cells which are linked to the written data using the write cell. After writing the numbers into the cells these formulas are not working.

I am observing a large space at each cell while using the evaluate formula function in excel to check the error in the formula.

Could you please advise? Many thanks in advance.

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Use Trim method to remove extra spaces. Try like this.


Thanks @lakshman for the swift revert.

Did you mean to use the trim function in excel? Could you please give an example for a better understanding?

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