Screen scraping


I need your help with something. Let’s say I have a window that I screen scrap. The output is something like day- x where x is a natural number( ex. day- 1, next time I open the same window it’ll be day- 2). What should I do to get the text after the “day-” string? I mention that all the text is inside one big window, therefore I can’t use any uielements tricks.

Thank you

Is there any standard character after day- x ? ,if it is there then you can easily pick the integer.

No, there isn’t. Just day- x which increments itself anytime I open the window.

ok try this workflow test.xaml (6.2 KB)

I found something in the end. I used a Get Text on the whole window, after that I assigned to a int y=getTextString.toString.indexOf(“day-”); and finally string k= getTextString.toString.Substring(y+3, 3). Thank you for your help anyways.