Screen scraping using native method works in the preview pane of the screen scraping wizard however returns empty string later

Hi all,

I was trying to extract data from a PDF file when I came across this particular problem. While I use screen scraping wizard, the text is rightly shown in the preview pane using native method. However, when I try to run the automation it returns an empty string. I also tried using OCR method and the output is rightly shown but due to accuracy and speed, I’m more inclined towards native method.

Could someone help me with this please?


This is happening to me too. Did you find a solution to this?

Buddy @hiluxsurf @devkshah
Make sure that the pdf opened and is at the right position so that the text gets extracted…because it seems working at screen scrapping wizard, so it must work while executing as well…while scrapping the pdf would be in a correct position, may be while running the bot it might not be, thats why… kindly check that once and let know buddy
Cheers @hiluxsurf @devkshah