Screen Scraping Text Output how to sort and export data to excel


Is there anyway for me to sort and export the .txt data to excel using the write range activity?
Will need to separate the data by columns but I am not sure how to do this in Ui Path.

data.txt (1.3 KB)

Hello @Edward_Tan ,

Here is a demo, but you would have to refine it for more accuracy. The idea is:

and the output is something like that (some refining is still needed on the input data)

However, a better way of extracting the data is by using the UiPath Extract Data functionality on the real data (not the .txt file)

Hope it helps!
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Hello @Edward_Tan

You can use Generate Datatable or Text to column activity to achieve this. It will help to convert text to datatable and then you can use Sort Datatable activity to sort it. Then use Write Range activity.