Screen scraping full text of a webpage

I had used screen scraping in getting the full text of a webpage and save the link if the extracted text contains specific keyword. I had opened the urls saved one by one, some of the url is what I want, but some urls’ webpage do not contain any of the keywords. Is it the screen scraping problem?

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May I know how we have mentioned the logic to match that condition having specific keyword
Because screen scrapping scrapped all the test from the region and it’s only based on the condition that we have added to filter
Is it so
Have we added any conditon to filter
We can use contains method before adding them to our list with a IF condition like this
Yourvariable.ToString.Contains(“your keyword”)
If true it will go to THEN apart where we can keep our url

Cheers @teo_choudu

If Div.Contains(RespectiveKeyword)

What is value of Div and vwhat is the value of that vatiable inside the contains method that you feel like matching and not matching
Kindly share an example

Cheers @teo_choudu

Div is the output of Screen scraping while RespectiveKeyword is the keyword that I looking for (for example: food, travel, …)