Screen Scraping for Specific Word Anchor

I have read a lot about screen scraping and techniques so I have used/tried most of the activities in UiPath. I am wondering the best way to approach scraping a screen looking for specific words ‘Check Number:’, but then take the value that follows after. The plan is to open 20 PDFs in a row and get the value next to Check Number on each one. Thanks


If all PDF files are same then you can use Anchor Base activity and on left hand side use Find Element activity and indicate that Check Number and in right hand side use Get Text activity and indicate that number.

Other alternative is to use Read PDF activity to read PDF file data and will give you output as string and then use string manipulation functions or Regular expressions to read check number from file.


Thank you for your inquiery, as @lakshman suggested try to see if you can use read activites

Here are some suggestion but you: but you can take a look here

Read_PDF_WF.xaml (46.3 KB)
Here we go!

  1. Read the pdf with the read pdf activity

  1. Split(pdfText,Environment.NewLine(0))(5) - This sentence means that I an splitting in lines and taking the fifth line.
    *note that this factura variable is a string array

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Can you program this for multiple PDF’S using one program and run in loop


sure thing, take a look Read_PDF_WF_Karita.xaml (7.9 KB)


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