"Screen Scraping" for each page

How can i scrape several pages,which have same structure, with loop?
A. Set “for each row” to loop several pages and use “Open browser” like

B. Whole pages have same structure like
<Y id="hoge">abcde</Y>// element need to be scraped

<Y id="hoge">fghij</Y>// element need to be scraped

C.Set “Screen Scraping > Get full text” to get each text in tags.

How can I indicate general screen or selectors to adopt several pages ?
Unique page with unique title are identified when we indicate on screen…
Actually need to generalize the selectors to get several texts with loop.

And also how can i store those results(values) in the same variable as array or data table.
It was error to set type array or data table into properties on "Get Full Text " activity…
I just want to store several values extrarct from this loop in the same variable.