Screen Scraping & Data Table

Hey guys,

I have a table in the browser and need to download a file in each row.
The table has a different number of data sets, depending on the settings.

Shall I use Screen Scraping, create a data table and iterate through each line?
Is it possible? How do I get the data from the Sceen Scraping in a data table?

I am beginner and appreciate all kind of help.
Thank you so much.

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Give a try on Table Extraction

data scraping

Also have a look here:



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You can use DATA SCRAPPING method which will help you to scrap the required text or URLs from the browser and get the output as datatable itself

If you are trying to use screen scrapping it will give string as a output
Pass that string variable to a GENERATE DATATABLE activity AND get the output as dt

For example pls refer this

Once after getting the URL then you can use simple activities in UiPath to download file
But pls mention how will you download the files manually

Cheers @Katarina


Thanks @ppr & @Palaniyappan for your quick response!

So the Data Scaping worked.

  1. for me it seems to be quite static - so how to deal with it when the number of the data sets changes? Or am I wrong?
  2. for now, i was working with the Click activities to download the file. How am I supposed to do it now since I am not able to click on the first row in the second column …

Hope you understand my issue.
Thanks a lot!

It can handle dynamic dataset as well

And for this
You can use the same with click activity just by creating a variable in selector and pass the column row values one by one to that variable inside a for each row loop

Steps involved
— for each row -pass th datatable as input
—inside the loop use a assign activity and pass the specific column value to a variable
—next use a click activity and pass that variable in the selector
Now it will click one by one and download it

Cheers @Katarina

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Hi @Katarina

Pls let know for any queries
If this gets clarified it would be great if you can mark the right comment as solution with tick mark so that it will be useful for others

Hey - thanks for your answer.

It iterates through the rows and also assigns the columns to the variables.
But still for each row it downloads just the first file.

So in the click activity I tried to pass a variable (the onclick) in the selector but it does not work. It says: the selector is invalid. But the onclick event changes every row so I passed this to a variable and put it in the selector.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks a lot!

Is the id incremented for every loop


No - I think just the onclick changes.
Thats another row:

Do you have an idea?

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