Screen scraping best practice

Hi, See below link. I will be scraping all of the the main text you see about the game. Id like to know suggestions on how others would be scrape this into a structure data table?

LIke may i know which data you are referring to

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Hi, Thanks for looking at this. See below image of the needed data

Hey @rohangroombridge, did you use Screen scraping Activity ?

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I did try but it doesn’t pick up on everything perfect but it could be because I I haven’t use screen scraping much. Can you help?

Ya @rohangroombridge ,What kind of Error you are facing now ?

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Its not an error as such, its just that i think im not good at scraping data and i want to scrape all in one go not just sections. Is that possible?

@rohangroombridge , please refer the given link and let me know

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Thank you but how best to use this? to get all data and structure it

Try it now and let see

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This is what it gets:
Team Storm 22 Scored away Team Broncos
T ull ime 12 points Scored points
AAMI Venue: Park,
Ground Good Partly Cloudy
Conditions: Weather:

As you can see, Its not structuring well

@rohangroombridge, in this Website, element/Selector will not change the position so we can use Screen Scraping Activity that will be stored into a variable and build the Data-table pass that variable for the particular column.

Thanks but how much should i select at a time. All of it or lots of each section?

Its one time Activity but you have to use dynamic selector for the particular field.

What do you mean dynamic selector for the particular field?

Please the link

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Sorry but it looks like your trying to show me what a dynamic selector is, is that right? i know what they are

@Palaniyappan or @Vivek.A.S can you help?