Screen Scrape shows correct results in setup wizard but then only prints first line

I am trying to use a screen scrape function to get all the values from a web drop down menu. when I use the set up wizard the preview shows it capturing the all the elements from the drop menu. When I try to view the results by putting the output variable into a write line it only shows the first element of the drop down menu.

How do I get all elements of the drop down menu?

Use FindChildren Activity. As far as I remember, search for <webctrl tag="option" />. You can then get their respective aaname attribute.

The issue doesnt seem to be with collecting the data it is more an issue of outputting it properly.

Could you please share the variable from debugger? Have you tried the approach to see if it makes a difference?

Yes I did try that approach and the UI was validated successfully but it did not change the output.

Micorosft OCR generates to variable the result is an IEnumerable type and the text is in string. when i print the string it just gives me the first line of the menu and when i print the IEnumerable.tostring it prints x,y,z measurments