Screen resolution issue when running process in production environment

Hi @rameshgp43

Did u got the solution of Screen resolution setting? I want to contact you.
Is there any way to contact you?


Did you get a solution of the mentioned issue. I am also facing the same issue, when running the BOT in unattended mode it is not working while it is working in obserbvation mode.


i had a similar issue, the robot setting “login to console” can limit the screen resolution if set to true

Take into account that this setting is set both in the robot “settings” and in the “settings” file of the “server” ( The UiPath.Settings file is stored in the %ProgramData%\UiPath folder.)

Hopefully the issue is this :slight_smile:
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I faced similar issue earlier and it was resolved by following below -
– “LoginToConsole”: false - Robot Orch
– “LoginToConsole”: false, - UiPath.Setting
– Check VM/RDP hardware configurations to allow higher resolution…

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