Screen is not fully shown

I have a CV Scope, that uses wildcards, because the name of the program is mostly random every time I start the program. But when I then then want to use a CV Click activity, the screen looks as follows:

This only occurs, when a wildcard is used, when I just reset the CV Scope to the current window, it is fixed again.

Any help would be very appreciated.

I narrowed the error down to only being present, when I am using the wildcard as the first part of my CV Scope identifier.

Works: something *
Works not: * something

Hi @Floschi

Any chance you could share a dummy project that reproduces this issue on a public web page? Or does it only happen with one specific application?

Thats a good question actually, havent tested that yet. Will do that later on and report.

I actually can not reproduce the error even in my own project now. Nothing changed from my side at all. Either it was an update to UiPath or some random change in the executable im CV Scoping from. No matter the cause, for now it works again and I can continue programming.

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