Screen Cross-referencing techniques?

Has anyone come up with any good techniques for screen cross-referencing they would be willing to share?

As your library of automations increases, an organization may find itself reusing the same screens in multiple automations. At some point, one of those screens may change, requiring modifications to the workflows that use it. It sure would be nice to be able to easily identify each automation referencing that screen…

And yes, I know you might be able to use selectors… problem being, there’s no guarantee that each developer used the same selector… therefore my question about whether anyone has come up with a good methodology for doing this and being able to quickly analyze the results?


Hello, try use object repository, or even better, try make this screens as a library (if the navigation is the same always)

Thanks, Lucas… yes, I was just brushing up on the 2020 upgrade changes (yes, we’re lagging a bit behind on updates this year, LOL)… and stumbled across the Object Repository, which looks custom-made for this issue! Thanks!