Scrapping Sales Navigator

Hello !

Better than words, i’ve made a very quick video to explain the process (40 sec) :

I hope it’s enough and possible !

thanks a lot !!


You could try these steps:

  • Start a Do…While loop
  • Click on the Checkbox on top (to select all elements on the page)
  • Click on Enregistrer dans la liste
  • Click on the desired element on the dropdown
  • Use Check App State to check if the button “Suivant” exists
  • If it exists, set a boolean variable to True and click on the button, else set it to False
  • In the condition of the Do…While loop, check if the variable is True or False and only repeat the loop if it’s True

It’s super high level, you’ll need to correctly play with selectors and clicks, but it should cover your needs.

Thanks a lot.

Do you offer to do it as a paid service ?


I don’t work as a freelance, but you can maybe try posting your need here?
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OK thanks ! I’ve tried on feever ! :slight_smile:



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