Scrapping - Extract Structured Data Issue

Hi Everyone, how are you?
Im facing the following issue :

-Im scrapping TripAdvisor Hotel Reviews.
-The first Hotel Reviews works perfect, im using “Extract Structured Data activitie”.
-But when I scrape the reviews of the 2 hotel, the activity runs OK but does not get any review.

How can I get more detail about what is happening? Is it a TripAdvisor security mechanism?

Thanks a lot

Hope you are selecting the two elements as the field block and then proceeding with data extractions

If still it is showing this behaviour then you can consider extracting the entire block which contains all the data and then use string manipulation to get the required data

Also make sure to consider ads while approaching the data extraction method
If in your screen there is an ad on the website after the first row then it’ll extract only one rows correctly

To handle ads you would need to build a custom logic to extract the data using a dynamic selector which has a counter that is incremanting and identifies the row elements one by one

Hope this helps

My sequence is

  1. Open the webpage for particular Hotel
  2. Scrap the reviews using Extract Structure Data into a datatable variable
  3. Close browser

Then repeat this step changin URL in step 01.
For the first hotel, everything works fine but just in the second hotel step 02 brings nothing and no errors appears.

How can i get more details about why its this behavior?

Thanks a lot

Solved my self

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