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Hey guys, I have a quick question. I have written a UI, that takes a URL from sheet1, pastes it in a web page, scrappes the selected info from that web and then needs to paste it in sheet2. My problem is that I dont know how to set up the write range, so that it would not paste the info on top of other info. When the ui goes to a page, it gets 50 cells of info ant pastes it, when it takes the second url, I would love that the info would be pasted next to the one that is already pasted.

This is how the info is pasted on the first url. I want it to continue pasting downwards. (For one url ill get 50 cells worth of scrapped data)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Povilas_Jonikas ,

Maybe instead of the Write Range Activity, you could try with the Append Range Activity as the data already exists.

Let us know if you still need further help.

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Thanks for the response Arpan, but I dont quite understand a few things. When I use append range, I get an error :
This is how it looks like in a workflow:

And another thing, how does append range work? Will it paste out the info everytime it goes through data scrapping in one url or will it wait for all the url’s to be done scrapping and then will it paste out a huge amount of data?

@Povilas_Jonikas ,

Could you let us know your workflow Steps, we could then suggest where to exactly place the Append Range or if a new approach is required here.

You could provide the details in a Step wise manner.

Essentially, Append Range Activity requires data to be already present in the excel sheet.

Then no, my code doesnt need append range. My code looks like this:
Basically I have a excel file, that has 80+ urls. My ui takes the urls one by one, scrapping info from them. It scrapes 50 results from one url. When he goes to paste it in an excel file, it always pastes them in the same range, so that then the last data dissapears, because it’s being pasted on by the newer results.
For example, ui takes the first url, goes to it, scrappes 50 lines of reasults, pastes it to excel. (The info from the first url is pasted in A1:A50). Then he goes up to another url, scrappes again 50 reasults and pastes it to the same sheet, which is good, BUT, it pastes it in (A1:A50) again. I would like for it to be (A51:A101), then (A102:A152) and so on. Is it possible?

@Povilas_Jonikas ,

The Sequence of Steps can be clearly understood by providing the Outline. Thank you for that.


  1. Declaring an Index in For Each Row Activity.

  2. Need to place If Activity after Extract Datatable Activity like below with condition as mentioned.

Let us know if the above changes doesn’t work out for your case.

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Thanks for the steps, but I got an error now.

What could be the problem here?

He scrapped and pasted the first url’s data, but when he got to the second one, the error poped up. Can it be, that append range works only when the specified excel workbook is not open?

@Povilas_Jonikas ,

Apologies, I have pointed out to Workbook Write Range and Workbook Append Range Activities.

The Activities need to be replaced with Excel Write Range and Excel Append Range Activities as you are using Excel Application Scope.

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It did help, thanks a lot!

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