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I’m scraping this page: Produkter - ascon trading aps
My problem is that I need to know if there is a green checkmark or not for the individual products. I know it is possible but can you advice how? (I know it’s possible to scrape links first and then go through each individual page but I rather not).


with Datascrapping and customization the product info is retrieveable. The availabilty info can be grabbed by reading the hidden span (Example of out of stock)

find demo here: HenrikX.xaml (15.4 KB)

with result for first page:

I would recommend to implement the paging by your own, due the paging options requires some special handling detecting the last page


Thank you so much! Works like a charm :slight_smile: Very kind of you.
Now I just have to figure out why the pagination doesn’t work this time.


Have a try on on implementing a custom paging with click on the arrow button. For detection the last page you may refer to the information on page top:
if the status (240-266) contains the total no of product (266) then the last page is reached

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Thank you, I appreciate your help. I tried that method but it seems as if it’s posing the same challenge as using “NextLinkSelector” in the scraper. Finding a reliable next-selector is beyond my experience. I haven’t come across the problem before with the pagination.

Currently i am travelling, but If Internet Connection in the train allows i will have a Look on it and revert Back to you

You’re very kind. I actually think I might have got it working now. I’ll test a bit more to see that it’s fully riliable.


maybe you have already done. For a custom implemented paging I would suggest to have a look on following:

<html app='firefox.exe' title='Produkter - ascon trading aps' />
<webctrl tag='UL' class='pagination' />
<webctrl aaname='2' tag='A'

the aaname info you can use for dynamizing. Work with the variable template syntax as described here:

for finding the last page it has many options. (Status info from top, next page number is not available …)

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That is super! Actually I’ve implemented the method you suggested previously and it works so I don’t dare to touch it now but if there are any problems I will look back to what you wrote. It’s probably a better solution.

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