Scraping the shipping methods from multiple online stores


I was wondering if it’s possible to scrape the list of shipping methods by opening multiple ecommerce websites, one by one.

In order to get access to the list of shipping methods, you must first add a product to the cart and fill in a contact form - which is doable, but only for the first online store from the list. At the second one the robot has an issue with finding a product.

Is there a way, for instance to use an UIExplorer and customize a universal selector for a product element that will be applicable in every store?

I’m worried that the comparison of e-stores built on the same e-commerce platform can be extremely difficult, let alone built on a completely different one. Not every store has an ‘add to cart’ button, sometimes it is necessary to click a picture in order to proceed with the order.

As an example you may want to check out two stores built on PrestaShop:, and See how different they are?

I would really appreciate your help or advice.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


As every site will have different structure it might not be possible to get the ditails from different websites using same selectors

We can try checking if atleast there is similar layout and similar backend but everything looks different then one single condition might not work …we have to work on multiple flows one for each site or one for each type of site