Scraping Text issue with Web Recording Tool

Hi There!

I am having issues while I am triying to scrape data from website. Here is how;

There are two buttons those for the robot to click on and get the data from emerging table. However, it returns the second table even if the first one is active. I think their id’s are matched somehow.

First Table On:

It is supposed to show the first table but it does show the second one as in the figure:

Second Table On:

Could you please help?


Hi guys,

Could you help me, please?

Note: I used Screen Scraping for the tables


Hi @oduzen001,

Instead of doing by web recording . Do one by one like click the first button and click the second button. Just do a test. if it goes well. you can include it in the recording flow.


Hello @balupad14,

Would you correct me if I am wrong? Do you mean that,

  • I should open recording and make a small move and then, make the clicks by sliding it inside the uipath window,
  • or to do clicks one by one from the recoding menu but not by recording?

I already tried and not work.

When I use Screen Scraping and select “Generate Table”, I see the correct table in preview but it gets me the other table as outcome. Do you recommend any other scraping method? I think there might be conflict between table id’s. I spent a lot of time on it so If you could help me I would be greatful.

Thanks a lot,


Hello again,

I solved the problem by re-entering the page before the second screen scraping and finally, it worked. Thank you very much for your efford @balupad14.


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Very good.