Scraping PDF Using Anchor Base

I am working my way through RPA Foundation, currently on Lesson 10-PDF. I’m trying to scrape from a PDF using an Anchor Base activity but the message box displaying the scraped value is blank. The example provided with the lesson will not work either. What am I doing wrong?

did you assign output value?



Can you expand your target values? I can’t see if the gettext is using your anchor.

I used F3 to expand the selection, but it gave me a different error.

No i mean expanding this:

on both your anchor and the get text


adding a “Output” - found element:

Then putting that variable in your get text:

Use the clipping region as a sort of offset for your anchor base.

I know there is a academy video for this… if i can find it i’ll post that as well. it’ll explain better then i can, its been a long time since i used anchor base.