Scraping in error but debug ok

Hi to all,
I have a problem with collecting a table, or more precisely, when the RUN is running.
If I launch the debut, everything is ok.

What should I do:

  • Scraping a table on the web.
  • Import to DB and then writing it on Word.

What happen:

  • Scaping table, apparently ok. (no error).
  • The table is empty. The Bot fails.

However, this only happens if I send the bot to PLAY.
If I go ahead with Debut, the bot correctly collects all elements and writes them to DB.

Has anyone ever had a problem of this type and knows what it can be?
I added a delay after scraping, but it doesn’t change.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @AaronMark ,

Could you check whether the DataTable variable hasn’t been declared twice(in the inner variable scope)?

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K

I checked all the bot.
I confirm that it is set only in the steps where it is called.

Hi @AaronMark

Please try updating all the Packages and give a Run.

Hope this helps.