Scraping entire page

how to scrape the data from the whole page? I just get what is displayed on screen.
there is no next button, you have to go down with the mouse to display the other data.
I used scraping data

Entire page of what? Where? Web page? Windows app? Citrix? Is what’s on the page a table? Just text? Text and images? Etc etc.

We need more detail to be able to help you.

Thanks for your answer, it’s a web page, attached the capture.

Hi @sarra.meziane
can u check while scraping the data , all data is selected or not ?

I just retrieve the data displayed on the capture when I use data scraping.

you must to go down to display the other data, that’s why I can’t retrieve the archived data

Data scraping doesn’t need everything visible. Possibly the selector you’re using in your data scraping isn’t correct.

Have you tried sending CTRL+Page Down to scroll the browser to the bottom of the page before scraping?

no, how can I do it plz?

How can you do what? Send CTRL+Page Down?

Thanks for your answer, but doesn’t work :/, I just retrieve the data displayed on the screen.

It must not be a standard HTML web page. You’re going to have to figure out a way to get what’s visible, then click the down scrollbar, then get what’s visible, etc

Thanks for your answer. the page goes down, but I get juste what is first