Scraping - Element Name is the same as (equal) information content

I am trying to extract some data from a web app. I do it using the recording tool, which creates a FullText activity.

The problem is the name of the element I am trying to extract is equal to the information it holds.
For example: I want to extract coordinate information from the web app. Instead of the element being called coordinate it is called [1:434:6].
So, if in another instance of the data I am trying to extract, the coordinate is [1:200:3] the robot no longer extracts the string.

How do I solve this? I have tried relative scraping but it still doesn’t work. I still don’t understand if UiPath always relies on the name of the element or if it can actually do some sort of image recognition and find a pattern in the web page. The information is very structured from an abstract point of view, but I am still struggling…


Please take selector of two different data sections/blocks using UIExplorer and compare them.
There will be something unique for each section/block which can be used to identify correct data.

Please share your workflow for more understanding.


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I am a new user. I cannot upload attachments yet… :frowning:
UiExplorer isn’t any help to me :frowning: