Scraping data from PeopleSoft View

I have this PeopleSoft view that I am trying to load into a table. I am able to scrape the data that is static, but things like dates, I cannot scrape the data to load into a table. Can someone point me in the write direction on how to do this?

Hello @hiluxsurf,
Things like this are dynamic data taken from the list. Have you tried to scrape the data using Screen Scraping (OCR)?

I have tried using Screen Scraping, but I am having a hard time writing the formatted data including column headers to a table.

For those dynamic data it better to scrape them using OCR to separate DataTable. Rest of data scrape normally. At the end just combine those two DataTable to one and write into excel or wherever you need.

Would it be easier if I matched a variable from an excel file to a date field on the screen?

Basically what I am trying to do is take a service start date variable from a excel or csv file, match it to a date in the “Service begin date” column, if their is a match then take the service end date variable and fill the blank “Service End date” field.

You could take those two dates and keep them as separate variables and compare them.

When I get the OCR text from the webpage, I can get and display the output with a message box. But when I try and generate a data table from this output, nothing displays. Am I missing a step to get the OCR Text into a data table?