Scraping data from email

When scraping data from an email, does the table have to be in a specific format for you to scrape the data? Whenever I try to scrape the data it will not take in the whole table to account it just takes one of the cells. I am not sure what to do or how else I can scrape specific data from an email.

Hi @amb13

Use "Email Test


Ashwin S

Actually we will be using data scrapping of a table in mail only when that mail is opened as a .eml file and then scrapping
may i know how that table actually looks if possible a screenshot
is it a html body
Cheers @amb13

I have the email file saved as an eml and now need to scrape this from the email. It does not have an html body, so it makes things a little more difficult. Not sure where to go from here. I wanted to scrape this data so that it could be put into an excel file and then upload the data from each row into its respective spot on a site.