Scraping data from a PDF that changes size

Hi all,

I basically have a .pdf file with multiple pages that contains a huge list of phone numbers that I want to scrape from it in Studio however this file will change every month so next month there may be less/more pages in the file than last month.

I’m not that comfortable with OCR operations right now in UiPath so I’m wondering how can I get all of the phone numbers in this .pdf file every month even if I don’t know the number of pages in the file? The file may also not be a native .pdf file. Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Hi @kahoyim

You can use Read PDF activity and choose write text activity, so the content of the PDF file will get in text format in a text file. It will only applicable if PDF is not Image

If PDF is Image you can use Read PDF with OCR activity and choose the same activity write text activity this type you need to choose a OCR

Hope this helps


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Thanks! it worked

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