Scraping candidates information on Facebook

I am facing issue with data scraping on Facebook site. Here I am searching multiple candidates on Facebook page, collect data using web scraping.
1)I search a candidate on Facebook search page. How do I scrap candidate details if the data spans below page i.e. scroll down and then save all of it in an excel sheet.
Here I have used do-while loop->enter pgdn->write to extracted excel sheet.
2)How do I do this in for each loop for multiple candidates? I have to use the same extracted excel sheet for next candidate. For next iteration the sheet remains blank.

@shrutika instead of using do while loop you can use Hover Text actvity and hover text in the down

how do I use Hover Text in Facebook search?

@shrutika Not in face book search box after searching names in facebook you can use hover text

Does each iteration of scrapping stores the data in a single row in your excel file or is it spanned to multiple rows? You can use ‘Append Range’ activity to append any new row to the next line if the data is already available under that sheet. If you want each set of data to be stored in a new sheet then you the same activity should contain a unique ‘Sheet Name’ value which you can decide based on the data that you may be scraping. Passing a unique sheet name will a new sheet everytime for those interations.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.