Scraped Data Table issues - how to find user and click on corresponding hyperlink to unblock

I am struggling to find a way to automate this. I have a username that I have to locate from the list shown below and click on the corresponding Unblock. I have started by using a data table and scraping from a webpage. I can find the matching name however, I am struggling with how to click on the corresponding unblock for that name. There is no search box. That would be too easy. Here is the data from the webpage. Any help or guidance anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I’m relatively new to RPA. Thank you in advance.

You don’t necessarily have to scrape. You can loop through the table rows.

Otherwise, if you wanna use data scraping, there is an option to extract URLs which you can use with Navigate Browser activity or Go To URL activity. (for this to work, make sure it’s a complete url, not relative)



This is how looping would work:
_Test.xaml (15.0 KB)