Scrape streaming text from web page

Any suggestions on how to scrape text from a web page where a portion of the text is scrolling/streaming continuously? Think of an online broker streaming time and sales data.

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Hey @mikea59

You want to get it for every change ?

Or just only once ?


Ideally it would be every change, which can be pretty quick, but I realize that makes it more difficult. I realize I could put a scraping sequence in a loop. I suppose I should try that to see what latency I get

Hi @mikea59,

Can you show us a sample screenshot of the data which you try to scrape the text from the webpage? It would be helpful to suggest the best solution.


The list of values on the right - can sometimes scroll pretty fast, new values on the top

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You can achieve this using Data Scraping method which is available in the studio.

Check the above link which shows you have to scrape the data.



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Hope the below steps would help you resolve this

  1. Use a Build Datatable activity and create a column structure as same as you will get when being data scrapped from that application and get the output as dt

  2. Now use a clear datatable activity and pass dt as input and get the output as dt

  3. Then use a DO WHILE activity

  4. Inside the loop use a DATA EXTRACTION Activity and get the output as ExtractedTable

  5. Inside the same loop use a MERGE DATATABLE activity and pass ExtractedTable as Source property and dt as destination property

This dt will now have all the data you need

Cheers @mikea59

Okay @mikea59

You want to fetch the order book data then, Yes it is possible.