Scrape selector of a popup?

i have 2 servers, test(studio) and live(bot).
when i run a process on live i get a popup.
when i run a process on test i dont.
i want to handle that popup by clicking "ok " within it.
can i scrape the selector into string, write in .txt so i can develop with it in test?

Hi @Rowley101

Can you elaborate you query little bit more?


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@Rowley101, if you click on pop up, does the robot continue?

If yes, put an Element Exist activity with retry scope. If exists click OK, if not go on!

but i cannot identify the element i want to exist on test server

HI @Rowley101

Try with Element Exist Activity

Indicated the Popup and Create an output variable → ExistPopup

Use If Condition


Then → If the popup appear it will go to the Then part

Else-> If the popup does not appear it will go to the else part.


but my element exists attributes are empty.

i cannot indicate the popup as its on a different server

Hi @Rowley101

You haver to indicated the popup after that you will find the “Selector” here.

Do you know where the popup appear in the Live?

If yes You can try with Send HotKey activity

Refer to the screen shot