Scrape data from two tables and write in one table in excel

Hello guys,

I want to scrape data from the left table and for each row of it add the details from the right table, and then write it on excel.

I know how to scrape them, but I don’t know how to add the right table as columns for each rows from the left table… any suggestions?

Thank you!

Anyone? :sa:

Build Datatable according to your need.
Scrape the Left Table then for each row where values from your left table and get text each field from the right table and assign all the values to one datarow then write range to the DT.


Follow below steps

  1. Use build Datatable activity to create final datatable.
    Add columns names into it which you want in the final excel sheet.

  2. use data scraping activity and scrap data of left table. datatable name=leftDT
    3)Use for each row activity to loop through leftDT and inside loop use add data row activity like below.

This will add values into your final datatable.
Then use write range activity after for each row loop to create excel file (it contains the datatable of Finaldatatable that we created in the start).

Hope this will work

It worked! Thank you @ghazanfar very much! :slight_smile:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

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