Scrape Data from PDF and Save in Excel file

I have to scrape the data from PDF file and put it Excel file.
I have attached sample PDF file and image of the PDF file.
PDF will always have 4 columns Pay Unit, CU Description, Attr. Description and Quantity.
Every PDF column should go in separate Excel column.

j_2_12_52_34.pdf (190.1 KB)

Hi @deepak99
use read pdf text with ocr and use microsoft ocr
p@ss the stringvar and do the string manipulations


Hi @AshwinS2,
I thought of it but not getting any idea for String manipulation.
Can you please elaborate more on this

Hi @deepak99

use string split like


Check this

or use substring

@shwin S

Hi @AshwinS2,
Can you please send me Sample workflow?