Scrape data from ABBY ocr when google ocr and microsoft ocr does not work



you can scrape data in citrix or thin client when none of the options work by taking license of ABBY OCR or trial version also available.

Please use ABBYY CLOUD if in case you want to test/use .

For Abbyy Cloud OCR, UiPath doesn’t provide the trial version, however, you can use the below steps to get it.

  • Go to the following web site ->
  • Click on “Start Free Trial Now”
  • Provide the login details
  • “Create an Application” by filling the necessary details requested
  • On successfully submitting the details, an email will be send from abbyy team to the registered email-id
  • The email will be containing the “application name”, the “password”, the “server url”

Since the application doesn’t support any of the ways to get folder name, that is the reason we are trying OCR.
Kindly try the above said Abbyy cloud OCR.