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I Need to take duration from the website. But the location of duration is changed based on course… please check the double kind of duration and its position in the screen shot…

Help me to capture the course duration.

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HI Subhass,

You can use Data scraping extract wizard. if you tried this share the error you are getting.

Hi @Subhass
No worries
–we got a method called Data scrapping in the design tab of studio
–click on that and while continuing with the data scrapping process select the field correctly and on how to do those steps kindly refer this which would help you for sure on solving this



Try to Scrap the duration of 58 minutues and 48 minutes for duration column hope it will extract all duration data’s irrespective of position.


Hi Ajat,
Having problem to get correlated data… plz chk the screen shots


I Need to scrap only “Course” , But “By” also scrapped for the related title… How to get only Course duration

Hi Mohan,

Please check my reply… I didn’t get the course duration because of the location is changed…plz check screen shots

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Hi @Subhass,
You can try with correlate ‘by’ data also in 3rd column after that you can filter only course duration. Plz select 1st data from first row and 2nd data from last row.

Hi @Subhass

Here you can find the reference that can help you Data Scraping with Example

Steps for using Data Scraping Wizard with Example

For using UiPath data scraping wizard you can follow the following steps −

Step 1 − First, open the web page or application from which you want to extract the data. We are extracting data from our Google contacts as an example.

Step 2 − Then click the Data Scraping button under Design Tab. You will get the following message box −

Data Scraping Message Box

Step 3 − Click the ‘Next’ button and it will give you the option to select the first and last fields in the web page you want to extract the data. In this example, you will be able to select from the Google Contacts page.

Step 4 − Once you finished selecting the First element, it will prompt a dialog box for selecting second element as follows −

Data Scraping Message Box

Step 5 − Now once you click Next and select the second element, it will prompt another dialog box with the help of which we can customize column headers and chose whether or not to extract URLs.

Data Scraping Message Box3

You can rename the name of the Text column as per your requirement. We have renamed column1 it to ‘Name’.

Step 6 − Next, UiPath studio will give us the Extract Wizard to preview the data. It would be our choice to Extract Correlated data or Finish the extraction here. If you Extract Correlated data, then it will again take you to the web page from which you want to extract the data.

Step 7 − Once you finished the extraction it will ask the question” is data spanning multiple pages?” If you are extracting the data from multiple pages then click on Yes, otherwise No. We have clicked No because data extraction here is happening from single page only.

Data Scraping Message Box5

Step 8 − At last it will create the activity sequence in the Designer tab as follows −

Activity Sequence in Designer Tab
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While selecting the first value for column 2 select the field Course: 58 minutes and please don’t select By: Barb Waters
Then same while selecting the consecutive value for the column 2 select the next value
Course: 2 hours

That would work for sure
You were almost done
Kindly try this and let know
Cheers @Subhass

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Hi All…

Thanks for your support!!
And finally I found a solution… Using Screen Scrapping(Ref:Snap Shot) and then Need to edit the XML Lines through Open In UI Explorer…
In UI Explorer need to edit the “Innertext” as “Course: *” (Ref:Snap Shot) then validate the code and check Highlights…
Note: Through Indicate Element or Repair Menu you can get the “Innertext” lines in XML

Thanks a lot folks!


your great @Subhass

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