Scrap data From Website

I need a data from website using Uipath…

Link for data

I need all text data from given link

hey @IK5295
send ctrl A hot key for selecting all the text.
then use copy selected text activity for getting all text from website

Thank You but this method capture Ad Also

Does the website changes?


Try using UiExplorer and target the part that you want to scrape.

see this is today’s website

Yeah, let me try.

Sir, try playing with Studio’s scraping activities. I have limited access on my Studio so I wouldnt be able to help you out.

Thank you. I tried so many times but it doesn’t work

hey @IK5295 Sequence4.xaml (4.6 KB)
Kindly check the workflow.
If the scrapping is to be done on same website but the news changes then it would work.
If it give some errors kindly tune the selector accordingly.
if any problem persist then reply.

Thank You.

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Thank you it works…

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