Scrap data from SAP and check whether any live account is present

Want to extract this table from SAP …after extracting by data scrap ing it does not take table column name…that I checked in Excel…

I used write range only for check output…no need to use this in my code…

After extracting data from SAP…I want to check in status column whether account is ‘Live’ or ‘contract ended’

How can I do this… please provide solution with screenshots…it will help.

Hi @rutuja.y

You can try this as in the below.

Loop through the output DataTable and look for 5th index on column level.

Place a ‘If’ activity to check whether column value is equal to “Live”


If(row(5).ToString.Equals(“Live”) or row(5).ToString.Equals(“contract ended”))

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

How do I check to 5th index through loop… please provide equation

Here is sample flow.

Thank you.