* 'ScopeActivityContext' is ambiguous in the namespace 'UiPath.BAF.Activities.ContextModel'

I am using the Smartsheet UiPath Connector to set up a basic test flow. I have a simple Get sheet activity that is configured. When I go to test it I get this error:

  • ‘ScopeActivityContext’ is ambiguous in the namespace ‘UiPath.BAF.Activities.ContextModel’.

There are no other options for me to fill out, and the API key is correct. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this error in general and if there is a fix.

Where are you using “ScopeActivityContext”? That error message generally means ScopeActivityContext exists in more than one namespace, and you’ll need to be more precise in specifying which ScopeActivityContext you want to use. This is normally resolved by just adding the name space before it, e.g. UiPath.BAF.Activities.ContextModel.ScopeActivityContext.

All i have in the workflow is the Smartsheet application scope with an API key and a “Get Sheet” activity.