Scope of Read Range Excel Activity

Hi! I am trying to pull an excel table into datatable in UiPath.
However the Read Range Activity creates the datatable such that it’s scope only limited in the Use Excel File Scope. May I know if there is work around so that I can use the datatable in a larger Flowchart Scope? Thank you!

Here the textbox is able to print the datatable,

When I place the textbox outside the Use Excel Scope the datatable is empty.

Hey there !

Just change the scope of the variable in the variable pannel such that it is available in the entire scope

Keep the scope to the lower most process



Hello @Hou_Paang_Soul ,

you can change the scope from Variables Panel or from the Data Manager Panel-> Variables

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You can change the scope of DataTable from “Do” to “Sequence(Name)” as below.

Hope it helps.


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