School teachers need your help

Hi everyone,

Any advice or support you could provide would be really appreciated - even if it’s to tell me this isn’t possible.

At the end of the school year we generate reports for each student with teacher comments etc (in a word doc). We’ve also just started using some online testing which gives us individual PDF reports for each student in English Math and Science.

We want to use ALL of the report text in the word document, and SOME of the text from the other 3 PDFs for English maths and science. We then want to combine the picked data into a single new file.

REPORT stuff


REPORT stuff


REPORT stuff


REPORT stuff

Is this possible? I saw the video about pdf data extraction and I thought it might be…

Thanks in advance for any help here!


Yes it’s possible to read data from both PDF and word docs using UIpath and we can combine it also. Just we have to use regular expressions or string manipulation functions to fetch required data from both docs.

Hi lakshman,

That’s great thanks! How would we get started - can you point me to the right direction?

Also, what about doing a batch of them.

If the school reports are in folder A and the other reports in folders B, C, and D, can we run a batch file for 200 reports?


  1. arrFiles = Directory.GetFiles(“D:\Projects”,"*.pdf",SearchOption.AllDirectories)

  2. Above expression will read all PDF files from all folders and will store result in string array and say ‘arrFiles’

  3. Then use For Each loop activity to iterate that array and read one by one PDF file using Read PDF Text or Read PDF Text with OCR activity and store result in a variable of type string and say ‘pdfText’.

ForEach item in arrFiles
- use Read PDF Text and pass item and store result in a string variable
- Then apply string manipulation functions or regular expressions to fetch required data from file.


Thanks lakshman, much appreciated!

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