Scheduling in Orchestrator - Stop Time

I’m not sure if this has already been covered in newer releases, as we are on 2018.4.3

I’m simplifying our situation as an example:

  • We have process A that runs 24/7 on our one production robot.
  • We need to run process B, C & D at 8am each day on the same robot. Each process can take anywhere between 50seconds and 20minutes.

As such we schedule as follows:

  • Process B, Start 8:00:00
  • Process C, Start 8:00:01
  • Process D, Start 8:00:02
  • Process A, Start 9:00:00 - Stop After 23 hours

This means that if B, C and D run for the full 20 minutes, Process A will be stopped in time for them to run again at 8AM the next day.

However, if B,C, and D run for just 5 minutes each, we have 45min dead time when process A could have been running. (We’re actually losing more time than just 45mins, as our real schedule is a bit more complicated than the example)

Could the scheduler be improved to include a “stop time”, rather than just a “stop after”? That way we could start process A at 8:00:03 and tell it to stop at 7:59:59 the next day so that the 8:00 processes could run.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.