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I’m trying to schedule my first automation in Orchestrator. I’ve watched a youtube training video but the screens are not the same.

Can someone help walk me through all the steps needed to schedule schedule a job in Orchestrator? I want to run the job every weekday at 8am.

I’m pretty sure that I need to create trigger.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Have a look here:

you can develop it with one the tools

E.g. 0 0 8 ? * MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI *

Hi @timothy.mullady

  • Go to trigger and follow below steps
  • Scheduled the process based on the requirement

  • We can “Stop job after” some time → Kill or Stop We can choose it.


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Hi @Gokul001,

When I try to create the New Trigger it asks for a Process Name with a blank drop list.

Do I need to create a Process first? The Processes tab is blank and doesn’t have anything in it.




Once you deployed the package into Orchestrator then create process by using that package. Then you are good to schedule the process now.


Hope this would help you resolve this

For process creation

And for trigger creation

Cheers @timothy.mullady

Thanks, what is Package Source Name?

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Do I need to Publish my automation project?


Yes you should. Then only you can create process with it.

thanks, do you know what I set the time for to run at 8am?


Hours - 8
Minutes - 0

And also select the Timezone as per your zone.

Once you the publish the process we need to create a process in orchestrator under process tab

That process name we need to mention in triggers

**If you want to run in daily basis
Click on daily radio button and mention as

8 in hours
0 in minutes

This will run by 8 AM every day**

Cheers @timothy.mullady

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