Scheduling groups of processes


Has anyone a suggestion on how groups of processes can be scheduled (in Orchestrator)?
E.g. We have several “superprocesses” we’d like to schedule, and those superprocesses consist each of several processes that have to be run in sequence. We have the processes, but are looking for a good way to create the superprocesses. Preferably without changing the current processes (a lot).

Do we write a “superprocess” in Studio that invokes the related processes?
Or do we write a “superprocess” in Studio that starts the related processes in Orchestrator?
Or is there some Orchestrator-functionality to take care of this?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

We have a “superprocess” that we use to start other robot jobs. What we do is have the “superprocess” call the Orchestrator API to start/stop jobs and to view their status. If one job can’t start until another finishes than the “superprocess” bot should call the API repeatedly until it sees the task has finished.

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Thanks @DanielMitchell, I didn’t think of API calls, I’ll certainly look into that!