Scheduling effectively three bots in one robot

Hi team,

I have three processes, Process A, Process B and Process C. Process A input is ready in every 20-30 mins, then immediately after the process B should start, then follows the Process C. The Process has been scheduled so far as:

Process A every 15 mins : (Reading the file and add to queue)
Process B every 5 mins :
Process C every 5 mins.

the Process adding order is so annoying that we are unable to maintain the sequence to execute the tasks, as the its taking unnecessary iterations .

So how to maintain the sequence of execution of the three processes here with scheduling. The three bot execution should be completed with in less than 30 mins


At the very end of Process A, one of (if not the last) thing it does is a ‘Start job’ activity that will kick off Process B. Do the same thing by adding to Process B a ‘Start job’ activity that will kick off Process C.

This way only the Process A schedule needs to be created. Process B will only run after successful completion of Process A and Process C will only run after a successful run of both Process A and Process B.


Hi @kiranmili
You can use trigger to handle your issue

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