Scheduling countinously a robot


i had to run a robot to read emails every days, download attachements.
this suppose to have the robot running continously
how to do that throught orchestrator?

Hi @abdel

The Robot doesn’t have to run continuously. You can schedule it to run every day at a certain hour(or only on week days) using Schedules in Orchestrator.
But you have to have provisioned an Unattended or NonProduction robot to be able to start/schedule a job to run from Orchestrator.

Hey @ovi

I get this error message when I start a job for a Non Production Robot., but the License is active until 08/2018. Can you please assist.

Version : Orchestrator 2017.1.6547


Hey Vinay,

That’s odd. Sorry, i cannot help you with this one, i don’t have the access. Please raise a ticket to technical support so my colleagues could verify. Specify the license key also so they could check what’s happening.

Ok. Thanks Ovi.